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Locally made jams, jellies, salsas, and peanut butters

What is the difference between jams, jellies, conserves, and marmalades?

Jam is a thick mixture of fruit, sugar, and pectin. It is boiled quickly and gently until the fruit is soft and thick enough to spread easily. Jelly is made from sugar, pectin, acid and fruit juice. It is a clear spread that is firm enough to hold its shape and can often be made from ingredients other than fruit, such as flowers, herbs, liqueurs, tea, vegetables, and wine. A conserve is made with fruits and nuts and has a texture that is very thick and chunky. Conserves are very versatile and can be enjoyed as a spread and as a condiment for meats and cheeses. A marmalade is a citrus spread made from the peel and the pulp of the fruit. They are typically enjoyed as spreads and glazes.

Some of your products are shown as “Out of Season”, so when are they “In Season”?

We use local produce for most of our products so the following information lists seasonal availability in Texas. Berries (blackberry, dewberry) are available during the late spring until early summer. Citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon, orange, tangerine) are “in season” during the fall, winter and spring months. During late spring and the summer months, the peaches and pears will be in season. Other fruit such as mustang grapes are available during the early to mid-summer, while the prickly pear fruit is available in late summer into early fall. We also use local pecans which are available in late fall and early winter months.

Why do some of the 8 oz. jars look like they are not filled to the top of the jar?

We individually weigh and label each jar to the proper weight that is shown on the label of each product that we sell. Our 8-ounce jars are made to hold a variety of different products that have different densities. Our jams and jellies, semi-solids which have a higher density than liquids, can create the illusion that the jar is not completely full. In addition, there must be a certain amount of unfilled space (called headspace) at the top of the jar to allow the jar to seal properly when it is processed with the traditional water bath method which is the method that we use to sterilize our products.